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FOSS Talk Live 2020

FOSS Talk Live 2020 has been cancelled.

It seems very unlikely that London will be functioning by June so I have made this difficult call. I'm very sorry to anyone who has made travel and accomodation arrangements but I trust that everyone will understand why this had to be done.

All tickets have been cancelled and refunded.

There have been some calls to make FOSS Talk Live 2020 an online event. I have no interest in organising something like that. FOSS Talk Live is all about meeting up with people face to face and I'd rather just not do anything than move it online. That said, if someone else wants to organise an online event with a similar feel, I will do my best to participate.

Fingers crossed for 2021 then,

FOSS Talk Live is back for 2020! It is happening on the 20th June at The Harrison near King's Cross in London.

This year we will be starting at 12 noon.

As well as the usual live shows in the evening, we will have some talks and possibly some workshops in the afternoon. The slots for these talk and workshops will total around 3 hours. If you would like to give a talk or workshop, please email Joe (joeressington at gmail) with a title, brief outline, the length of time required, and any special requirements.

The full lineup isn't final yet but it looks like the live podcast shows will feature members from the Ubuntu Podcast, Late Night Linux, Linux Lads, as well as Marius and Stuart will all be taking part in shows of some description. More info will be announced on Twitter so follow @FOSS_Talk for updates.

The venue is free so we don't need to charge anyone to come. You don't actually need to reserve a ticket but if you don't, you might not get into the basement to see all of the live shows. It's only small and will be very busy.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite. You can reserve a free ticket or you can pay what you want for one.