FOSS Talk Live 2017

FOSS Talk Live is back!

  • It will happen on 24th June 2017 between 6pm and 11pm at The Harrison near Kings Cross in London.
  • The event will be strictly 18+ (no children allowed).
  • It will be free to attend with a bucket for voluntary contributions.
  • There will be live recordings of Linux Voice, Ubuntu Podcast, Late Night linux and a mashup show featuring Stuart Langridge, Dave Megaslippers and probably some other people.

Free tickets are available from Eventbrite. The venue is very small and there are a very small number of tickets available. Although entry will be free, ticketholders will be prioritised over those who turn up without one.

You can follow @FOSS_Talk on Twitter.

Live recordings and thanks

First of all let me say thanks to everyone who came, participated, bought beer and had a good time. There would have been no event without you all.

All of the live show recordings have now been released. Here they are in chronological order of the night:

Linux Luddites #84

Ubuntu Podcast S09E23½

Linux Voice Season 4 Episode 12

Drunken Mashup Show (feat Stuart Langridge and Dave Megaslippers)



I also talked about my experiences of the night on the JoeRess Podcast #21


Hopefully we’ll do something similar again soon.


FOSS Talk Live 2016 – Drunken Mashup

The last show at FOSS Talk Live 2016 was dubbed the Drunken Mashup. It Featured me Joe Ressington, Stuart Langridge and Dave Megaslippers.


You can download the ogg file or the mp3 file.


BE WARNED that this show is NSFW. There was a lot of swearing from the very beginning including the very worst word. I was very drunk by this point and the show teetered on the brink of chaos throughout.


We discussed what it would take for a new mobile OS to have any chance of gaining market share in a world dominated by iOS and Android. We also briefly discussed games and proprietary software on Linux at the end.

 If you want to listen to the show in a podcast manager, use this RSS feed